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Bachué,   "the one with the naked breast"

The goddess Bachué,  "the one with the naked breast", is a mother goddess that according to the Muisca religion is the mother of humanity. She emerged of the waters in the Iguaque Lake with a baby in her arms, who grew to become her husband and populated the Earth. She received worshipping in a temple, in the area now within the municipality of Chiquiza, formerly called "San Pedro de Iguaque".

Detailed Features

Color: Aged natural genuine leather with Her•Moso red liner and matching colorful belt

Material: Colombian genuine leather, nylon liner, woven dyed chord belt

Features: Adjustable belt, main zipper, one inner zippered pocket, two inner open pockets 

Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 5 inches (height x length x width)

Pre-Orders: All specifications are maintained including genuine leather and color, Her•Moso red nylon liner, adjustable belt, main zipper, one inner zippered pocket, two inner open pockets EXCEPT handwoven matching belt will vary

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